pro-gro-min… whaaa?

Well, what is it for me, this strange thing… programming… I believe that the true programming is another form of art.  Seriously, when they talk about the world of art, they see different schools… and I see this huge variety of applications, be that creation bean-counters or operation systems. They talk about different types of paint used in art, and I think of the variety of languages there is to master. They talk about formal/informal art… well, there are systems and hacks for those systems… Their art critiques are our testers… True programmer is an artist. Every day I program, I feel that I create some new, fresh look on this world. This feel never lets me down, and this is why I believe in the world of programming.

Of course, just as a painter can’t master all kinds of art, a programmer can’t master all languages. I, personally, am very interested in the world of iSeries. Why? First reason goes back to my childhood, when my father bought me my first computer, and I’ve learned the word IBM. It meant a bit different thing to me back then, than it is now, but I grew up, associating the world of possibilities with it. When I was in the Seneca orientation, the professor mentioned about iSeries, and I told myself: “This is my chance to work with IBM!” The process of studying iSeries was rather painful due to the lack of proper teaching and vast amounts of materials on Internet. But now, having A+ average in it I feel I finally found something for me.



One thought on “pro-gro-min… whaaa?

  1. Joseph Hughes says:

    I’m right behind you when it comes to programming as an art, so many layers of creation and expression work behind your everyday programs, often hidden from the eyes of consumers.

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